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Training Programmes:

Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) conducts training programmes by its Master Trainer Mr. Firdosh Kassam (Karachiwala) who is also a practicing Advocate and Solicitor. Mr. Karachiwala has been trained in Australia and England and has conducted many programmes for Judges, Judicial Officers Advocates, Solicitors, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Architects, N.G.O.'s and other Professionals throughout India and abroad.

The training programmes are conducted on Conciliation and Mediation to resolve conflicts and disputes and build relationships. Training is conducted periodically as soon as 15 candidates enroll for training. The programme is generally held during weekends in Mumbai and on successful completion of the programme a Certificate of having undergone training is issued to the participants.

Mediation is the best way to resolve disputes. This training helps people to resolve their disputes quickly and also builds relationships. Any person taking the training can be a good Mediator. Participants have expressed great satisfaction and thousands of persons have been trained.

Any person can be a good Conciliator or Mediator and resolve matrimonial, commercial, family, labour and all civil disputes including compoundable offences. It is not necessary to be a lawyer to be a Conciliator or Mediator. Any person undergoing two days Training can acquire the skill of Mediation and Conciliation. Training Programmes help to resolve disputes in the family, work place and Society.

The seats for the Programme are limited and available on first come first served basis. The Registration fees are Rs 3000/ The fees includes cost of lunch, snacks and course material.

In intensive Training Programme where the batches are smaller mainly role plays are conducted on the second day of the Programme and each participant is given an opportunity in the role plays to be a Mediator, to be a Plaintiff and to be a Defendant. The stories are given out by the trainer and the problems are to be resolved. It comes out clearly that different groups have come out with different solutions and one story may have 8 to 10 solutions. The participants realize how they have missed out on the solutions which others have come out with in resolving the same dispute. The interactions which take place thereafter among the participants and the trainer make the training more effective and in this way the participants get the full knowledge of the training.

The training programme begins with brief introduction of the subject by the trainer and has sessions on Conflict management, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Negotiations, Mediation, Conciliation, Arbitration, Listening and communication Skills, Techniques of Mediation, Mediation process and module, Effective and Ineffective Mediator, Skills of the Mediator, Qualities of Mediator and also Role Plays of 15 minutes each. In between the sessions there are breaks for tea and lunch.

At the training centre proper seating arrangements are made with enough space for conducting role plays with proper sound system, table and chairs charts, laptop, LCD projector, screen etc. so the training programme can be conducted in a professional manner. Drinking water restroom facilities and tea and lunch facilities are also provided for the comfort of the participants.

For further details on Training Programme and for Registration contact CADR on
Mmobile nos. :9821314350, 9323292899 or
landline nos: 26603066, 32907955, 32933976,
Email: firdoshkassam,,

In order to register for the training program, kindly download the registration form, fill up the appropriate details and send it via the contact form page

Download Registration Form

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  • Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) has extended facilities for Arbitrations and Conciliations.

  • Certification Training Program in February 2016

    Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (CADR) is conducting next certification training programme on alternative dispute resolution to be held at the Radio Club, Colaba Mumbai on 11th and 12th February 2017 from 10.30am to 4.30pm for limited participants.

    Charges 9500/ which includes training material, book on mediation, snacks tea & coffee. Cheque should be drawn in favour of Centre for ADR.

    For further details and registration contact Mr. Karachiwala Chairman & Managing Trustee of CADR.
  • Registration can be made online on the website.