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"Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution(CADR) is a public charitable trust registered with the charity commissioner and enjoys exemption under sec 12AA and 80G of the income tax act.

The present system of resolving disputes through the Judiciary is over- burdened. Backlogs and increasing number of Court cases has crumbled the functioning of the Indian Judicial system. The phenomenal growth of commerce and industries and the huge number of disputes arising amongst the different and competing sections of industry, civil society, organizations, government and public requires solutions. These conflicts need to be resolved for the progress and growth of the nation and the broader world in which it exists. Across the world, Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, which are Mediation, Conciliation andArbitration are widely used to resolve disputes out of Court. These ADR systems are now slowly gaining tract in India.

Having felt the need to provide ADR education to the Lawyers, Judges, Law and Justice Administrators, Organisations, Industry, Litigants and General public, theCADR Trust was created. The CADR has as its Trustees and Panelists, ex- Judges, Mediators and Lawyers, all experts in the domain of ADR systems. CADR provides for continuous training and also provide facilities and mechanisms for Alternative Dispute Resolution. CADR takes referrals for Mediation , Conciliation and Arbitration from disputing parties and organizations directly and on request."

CADR aims at conducting training programmes for all professionals, social workers and those desiring to practice A.D.R. either professionally or honarar


Profile of the Master Trainer:

Practicing as Solicitor for more than 30 years.

Panel Member of:

• International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR) – Delhi.
• Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) – Delhi
• Bombay Incorporated Law Society – High Court Bombay
• World Mediation Forum (WMF) (Steering Committee)
• Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution (LEADER) – Australia
• Co-authored Book on “Mediation in India – A Toolkit” published by USEFI

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